(Video) Olivier Giroud’s epic response when asked if Arsenal team-mate Granit Xhaka is better looking than him

Despite not being a shoo-in to the starting XI this season, Olivier Giroud has arguably never looked better in his Arsenal career. The frontman has become something of a super sub, always netting when he comes off the bench. He has also done well whenever he’s gotten to play the full 90 minutes.

Speaking of looks, it’s no secret that the Frenchman has always been a winner in the personal appearance department. He even won PaddyPower’s inaugural “Hottest Premier League Player” award in 2015. Despite that, he was recently questioned if he felt threatened that summer signing Granit Xhaka was a better looker than him.

In hilarious fashion, Giroud went on to make the famous “dirt off your shoulder” motion before proudly stating that he is “nothing to compare with”. However, just so he didn’t hurt his team-mates feelings, he also made sure to mention that Xhaka is a nice guy!

Check out the video of Giroud’s hysterical reply below:

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