Pic: Laurent Koscielny making the Dab look cool again in Arsenal training

Footballers can always be trusted to come up with iconic styles of celebrations that become cult symbols with which we start associating them.

From Ronaldo’s Calma to silence his opposition to Ronaldinho’s dazzling Samba dance after an equally dazzling goal, the world has seen it all.

And now the latest sensation that has left the world of football absolutely crazy is dabbing. Whether it is a goal celebration or a simple photoshoot, the dabbing virus has spread like wildfire.

After Paul Pogba incorporated this dance step into a goal celebration, there is just not stopping anybody from copying it, and it seems like his influence has inspired French compatriot Laurent Koscielny as well.

The Arsenal centerback was caught dabbing during a training session today and, we must admit, he appears to be quite good at it!

Check out Koscielny’s quaint dabbing skills below!

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