The massive fail spotted in Spurs’ advertisement for the new stadium

It’s common knowledge at this point that Tottenham are in the midst of constructing a new stadium that will see them match some of Europe’s elite with the stadium’s modern design and increased seating capacity. The internet has already seen its fair share of leaks regarding the Northumberland Development Project.

The feedback that the club have received so far, at least on the internet, has been largely positive. The club have also begun running advertisements for the stadium in public places. However, an ad they recently ran in the London Underground will probably do more to leave them red faced than anything else.

Whilst putting out written advertisements, it’s common sense to at least check the spellings and grammar. However, that bit of common sense seems to have eluded the people who typed out the ad as not only was the word “premium” spelt wrong, it was spelt wrong twice in two completely different ways!

Check out this embarrassing fail here:

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