(Video) Tottenham’s Harry Kane took repeated jibes at West Ham during his bit for Talksport

Harry Kane, who has been instrumental in keeping Spurs relevant in the title race this season, is also known for his calm composure. And the light demeanour of his was evident during an appearance on Talksport as well.

In an interview with Talksport’s popular anchor Moose, Kane displayed his lighter side with some witty answers and hilarious moments, particularly with repeated jibes at London rivals West Ham.

When welcomed on the show, Harry thanked his host by humorously expressing disappointment with his choice of wearing a West Ham jersey, and aimed for the club’s badge while taking a penalty that Moose was saving.

The highlight of the interview was the end, though, as when Moose asked if he could be a footballer despite his evidently poor acumen on the ball, Kane replied negatively but claimed that he could surely have a shot at West Ham!

Watch Kane’s banter below –

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  1. Oh Harry why did you do this? You know that we like to pretend that we don’t care about West Ham and now you have given the game away. We like to ignore 2006 when they stopped us getting into the Champions league thus helping Arsenal and we also ignore that they stopped us when we could have gone above leicester for the first time in 2016. We lost the league at Upton park. How could you Harry?

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