Sadio Mane making Arsenal look like a pub team during 3-1 Liverpool win (Video)

After a disappointing defeat to Leicester, Liverpool were back to winning ways with a 3-1 victory over Arsenal at Anfield last night.

Arsene Wenger’s bizarre and shocking decision to not let star striker Alexis Sanchez start the game inevitably proved to be costly as a far-superior Liverpool had already taken a big two goal lead in the first half.

Sadio Mane’s assist to an unattended Roberto Firmino helped the latter score in the 10th minute. Just five minutes before half time, Mane placed his own name on the scoresheet to double the lead.

Although Welbeck did pull one back for the visitors, but it was too little as Wijnaldum sealed the win for Liverpool in injury time to end the game 3-1.

In a game that had some brilliant display of individual performances, it was clearly Sadio Mane who stood apart for Liverpool. As corroborating evidence of this claim, check out the video of Mane toying around with Arsenal defence below.

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