Carra with a stern “f**k off” after Everton fan Tony Bellew tries to mock Liverpool’s famous Istanbul win (Video)

Carra pulls no punches

You probably won’t hear this side of Jamie Carragher’s vocabulary on Sky Sports!

The Liverpool legend joined in Tony Bellew’s post-match celebrations in his locker room at the O2 Arena after he pulled off a shock win over David Haye in a gruelling match between two boxing rivals.

Bellew, a die-hard Everton fan, was in a jubilant mood after his massive underdog upset – and he wasn’t going to let the opportunity to have a dig at his Merseyside rivals slip.

Cameras captured the moment when Bellew, tongue firmly in-cheek, claimed that his victory on the night was better than the “night in Istanbul” – the epic 2005 Champion’s League final when the Reds came back from a 3-0 deficit at half time against AC Milan to lift the trophy after penalties.

Carragher, who played in that match, strongly disagreed – to put it mildly.

The short clip has been doing the rounds on Twitter and the banter between the two Liverpool natives, particularly Carra’s quick fire putdown, has left the fans in splits.

Check it out below!

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