Numbers reveal Tottenham duo have combined more goals in 2017 than Arsenal

Harry Kane’s brace and a Dele Alli goal helped Tottenham overcome Everton and climb up to the second spot on the table with a 3-2 win at White Hart Lane yesterday.

The score helped Kane extend his lead as the PL’s top-scorer with 19 goals, while Alli had an impressive goal to his own name late in the match.

A lot could be said about the Spurs duo that night. The two could be described as a classic old-school striking pair, or at least they certainly celebrated as one.

Out of the 27 games played this season, Tottenham have scored a total of 53 goals, but it is interesting to note that the duo between them have contributed 32 (60%) of all these goals.

In fact, so good have been Tottenham’s fortunes with the Alli and Kane playing together, that the duo have combined for more goals in 2017 than the entirety of their rival team Arsenal put together!

Check out this insane stat below!

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