A Liverpool coach hilariously tumbled onto the pitch after their 3rd goal v Arsenal (Video)

Sometimes in football you’re just carried away by the moment. In a moment of euphoria you can lose all sense of propriety and let the moment carry you. Well in the case of this member of the Liverpool coaching staff, he lost all that as well as his sense of balance.

Celebrating a well-worked goal finished off by Georginio Wijnaldum in the 3-1 win over Arsenal, a few members of the Reds’ Bench can be seen jumping for joy along the touchline in the video below.

Leading, as always, was Jurgen Klopp. A little further back we can see three figures bursting up as well, including a man in grey. This man, most likely goalkeeping coach John Achterberg, had a supremely inelegant (and probably painful) blink-and-you-miss encounter with the Anfield turf.

Check out the moment in the Tunnel Cam provided by Liverpool’s official YouTube below, it comes after the 10 minute mark!

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