How? A Chelsea fan spotted at the home end during the West Ham game at the London Stadium (Photo)

Chelsea’s 2-1 win over West Ham United ensured the League leaders stayed well clear of the rest of the pack. The win took them 10 points clear over Spurs, who currently sit in second place. At this point in time, it looks all but certain that the Premier League title is set to return to south-west London.

The game was one that saw Antonio Conte’s men win in their trademark fashion, combining swift counter-attacking with solid finishing. What’s even more amusing to note is that West Ham’s inability to properly defend their ground extended off the pitch as well.

A picture tweeted by a West Ham fan account @WHUFC_News shows a Chelsea fan, in a Hazard replica shirt, seated in the home area of the Olympic Stadium.

Given how strict club’s are about such things nowadays, it is amazing that a Chelsea fan could slip past the West Ham stewards.

See the picture of the Chelsea fan below:

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