Not the wisest move from Petr Cech as the Arsenal man was seen smiling around with Manuel Neuer at full time

Et tu, Petr?

An innocuous incident? On another night perhaps, but on this night it was yet another symptom of what’s going wrong at Arsenal according to the fans.

The Gunner’s faithful would not have been happy with the 5-1 mauling their side received at the hand of Bayern Munich at the Emirates and what certainly won’t help murmurings of discontent about players who don’t care enough is this image of Petr Cech seemingly sharing a laugh with Manuel Neuer post-match.

A match in which he had conceded 5 goals and Arsenal suffered the second-worst aggregate margin of defeat in Champion’s League knockout history.

That Alexis Sanchez was also apparently having a laugh on the bench after he came off only added fuel to the fire – particularly about his rumoured departure.

But for someone as experienced as Cech, someone who was supposed to bring a winner’s mind-set to the club, to be seen in this position is just another frustrating image on a night stacked full of them for the supporters.

Must have been a pretty good joke, all things considered. Check out the picture below!

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  1. Many people have not realized the rot in Arsenal and the fact that most senior players do not” fear” or respect Wenger anymore and the result is the tepid performance we see on the field of play and lack of respect for the feelings of other team members and fans as shown by Cech . It shows how much concern Cech and level of attachment and commitment he has for the club. While Chamberlain left the pitch in tears , Cech was beaming in smiles like someone who has just won a lottery.
    Wenger should just bow out gracefully from Arsenal team management having lost the fear and respect factor that are necessary to succeed as a manager.

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