New released images show Liverpool’s £50m training facility at Kirkby is going to be world class

When one thinks of English football and its rich history, it is impossible to do so without thinking of Liverpool. The club remain one of the most successful clubs ever in England and their rich history and tradition has seen them remain a top destination even in a dry period as far as glory goes.

However, in a bid to modernise the club a bit, the top brass are taking a number of steps. We’ve already seen pictures of their soon to be completed retail store near Anfield, and the club have also taken to redeveloping Kirkby, the ground where their academy players train, for use of the first team as well.

Melwood has been an integral part of Liverpool’s history, but the new ground is set to include a number of improvements as well as top notch indoor and outdoor facilities. Judging by the mock-up pictures of the training ground that hit the internet, it will certainly be easy on the eye.

See what Kirkby will look like post-development below:

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