Philippe Coutinho showboating in Liverpool training to kick start your Thursday morning (Video)

In football, there’s something about being Brazilian that just makes you better than most. All that time honing your skills; flicks and tricks are as natural to the Selecao way as passing and heading are to football basics.

While there haven’t been too many Brazilian success stories in the Premier League compared to elsewhere, Philippe Coutinho has been an exception.

The Liverpool star was at his exhibitionist best with some dazzling footwork during a Liverpool training session before the Burnley game on Sunday.

The fact that he makes it look so easy as he casually bewitches the ball in to doing his bidding is even more astounding. While it may not be easy to pull off the same things when you’re under pressure from opposition defenders, don’t bet against the Brazilian wunderkid busting out these moves on a pitch sometime soon.

And to top it all off? A behind the net goal; easy as you like. You could watch footage like this for days.

Check out the video below!

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