Arsenal fans taking the Wenger Out protests worldwide with a banner spotted in the ongoing U20 AFCON (Photo)

It’s definitely catching on

Arsene Wenger is having a tough time of it – again. After another year overseeing his team emerge as title contenders before losing the plot completely, the Arsenal manager is once more subject to great scrutiny.

The double-digit thrashing at the hands of Bayern Munich hardly helped matters and critics and even former players are wondering if the Frenchman’s time is truly up.

The Champion’s League clash was preceded by a protest march by Gunners’ fans who were against Wenger receiving a two-year extension while banners and placards with ‘Wenger Out’ were held up by many at the Emirates towards the end of the game.

The sentiment seems to be echoed around the world, as these Zambia (and perhaps Arsenal) fans exhibited their opinion at the Under-20 World Cup African Cup of Nations.

Wenger has stated that fan protests will influence his decision to leave or stay. On the evidence of the last few days, a large number of supporters seem to have a definite opinion.

Check out the Zambian fans below. Way to juggle your allegiances guys!

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