David Luiz shows why he’s such a favorite after sending a random message for a Chelsea fan (Video)

Football today is often criticized for being too commercial, with players often being accused of being “mercenary” in their motivations. Luckily, we have social media to bridge the gap between a player and his people. Usually this would be limited to posts on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram which fans can like or republish, but one lucky Chelsea fan actually received a personal message from David Luiz!

The Brazilian, who was often mocked for his Side-Show Bob looks and occasional ineptness on the pitch, has returned with a vengeance to England this season and has gone on to become one of the most dependable centre-halves in the whole league.

Always a popular figure, Luiz only furthered his image as a fans’ player with a short message to Twitter user @Feroze17, thanking him for his support and sending him good wishes.

This led to Chelsea fans lauding Luiz’s gesture on online platforms as they expressed their affection for their “Geezer”. The sheer randomness of it is also in keeping with his laid-back image, and it’s a moment that truly speaks to any football fan.

Check it out!

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