Man Utd fans will love how Bolton’s official Twitter replied to a fan hating on United’s LGBT partnership

Manchester United, as one of the biggest brand names in world football, are a great club to partner up with in some form, whether corporate or charitable.

Thus when Stonewall UK, a charity that works towards equality and acceptance of the LGBT community partnered with them, it was obviously a good move for their cause to get some exposure.

However, it seemed one United fan didn’t take too kindly to the partnership. @Fortunefilmzng sent a rather distasteful tweet the club’s way about the partnership, claiming that he would rather support a club like Bolton Wanderers than “a club that endorses immorality without considering the fans”.

Whilst the throwaway comment could easily be ignored, the official Bolton Wanderers Twitter account actually replied to the fan.

Stating that they stood with the charitable organisation and their cause, the reply put the surly United fan in his place whilst simultaneously delighting other United fans.

The tweet, as expected, went viral. Check it out below:

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