“The Fortress” – A rousing promo for Tottenham’s upcoming FA Cup clash against Millwall at White Hart Lane (Video)

“Oh when the Spurs, Go Marching In…”

Nothing gets you pumped for a match like a nice promotional video. The art of choosing the best visuals, live footage and soundtrack and putting them together is one of the most under-rated skills in the world – it reinforces everything that is at stake for the fans and even casual first-time viewers are drawn in to the drama.

South Korean channel SBS Sports just upped the ante for Tottenham Hotspur’s FA Cup Quarter-final with a promo that would be the envy of Sky Sports. Dubbed “The Fortress”, the 33-second video will send chills down your spine and give an epic aura to a clash with their toughest challenge yet … Millwall.

Not to discredit the League One Team (who have knocked out Watford and Leicester City in previous rounds), but the quality of the video would have you feeling like the fate of the world depended on the White Hart Lane fixture – it is that good.

See for yourself and judge its sheer gloriousness:

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