Handbags in the U18 match shows no matter what level, Man Utd & Liverpool players always hate each other (Photo)

An essential truth of football is that you support either Liverpool or Manchester United, you hate the other team with a vengeance. The social and economic rivalry between these two industrial cities aside, the battle for supremacy between the two most decorated teams in England has had drama, controversy and many, many memorable moments.

It is a rivalry that runs deep, and it would probably warm the hearts of traditionalists that even the kids are picking it up.

In a thrilling contest between the U-18 sides of both clubs, the match ended in a 2-2 draw with Liverpool coming back from losing their lead to equalise in the very last minute. However, the real highlight for many was the fracas which erupted when Liverpool player Adam Lewis was sent off in the first half for a rash challenge:

The ensuing melee served to remind everyone that no matter what level, the intensity of the grudge between these two sides is ever-present; this fixture means more than most.

Check out the picture of the young players in the heat of battle. They grow up so quickly:

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