Man Utd boss Jose Mourinho just can’t himself having a go at Chelsea before FA Cup clash

The last time Chelsea took on Manchester United, the game was a one-sided demolition derby that saw Jose Mourinho suffer one of the worst losses in his Premier League career.

That being said, excitement for their quarter final match has been high as ever, with many eagerly anticipating Monday night’s fixture.

The war of words has already begun, with Chelsea firing the first shots with an absolute zinger of a line in the preview on the official club’s website.

Poking fun at their rivals placing on the table would no doubt have offended Jose Mourinho, who fired back with his own words in a recent press conference.

This isn’t the first time this season that the Special One has taken a shot at the club he’s had two successful stints in. However, that didn’t stop him from aiming some thinly veiled shots at the upper management at the club as well as the style of football they’ve employed under Antonio Conte.

See what he had to say here:

I’m not surprised [by Chelsea’s success]. I’m surprised with the way they play. I’m surprised because I thought they were demanding a different kind of football. I think they are very good defensively.

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