Some quite interesting stats on Conte’s very “defensive” Chelsea and Mourinho’s “attacking” Man Utd

During press conferences, Jose Mourinho is known to be very aggressive with his firebrand jibes, while Antonio Conte is calm and defensive. On field, though, the story appears to be exactly the opposite.

Manchester United and Chelsea will face off in a mouth-watering FA Cup quarter-final draw at Stamford Bridge tonight, and the game is already changing popular perceptions of the two giants.

Ever since Conte joined the Premier League, the Italian has gained reputation as a manager who likes to play overtly defensive football.

Mourinho’s arrival, on the other hand, was touted to be a new era at Manchester United that would be marked with a purely attacking mindset.

An article in The Times, however, has revealed that with 57 goals, Chelsea are behind only Liverpool (60) in terms of most goals scored by all teams this season. Meanwhile, United with 39 goals are actually chasing their second-lowest seasonal goal tally since 1990.

Check out an extract of the article below –

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