It’s been a week of ups and downs for Gooners. After a humiliating 10-2 aggregate defeat at the hands of Bayern Munich, the club bounced back with a predictable 5-0 win over minnows Lincoln in the FA Cup. Nevertheless, fan unrest is at an all time high.

The calls for Arsene Wenger to go have grown louder over the past week, with some fans even planning to fly a plane over the Hawthorns next week in protest. Whatever one’s personal views on the manager, it must undoubtedly be tough for him to go on with his job in the face of this pressure.

That’s what makes it all the more amusing that he managed to come up with a rather hilarious response when he was asked by a reporter whether he’d be saying goodbye to the Arsenal fans this season. The witty response is not one that is normally expected from the non-flippant Wenger, making it all the more amusing.

Check out Le Professeur’s response here:

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