Must See: Jose Mourinho launches an epic ‘no holds barred’ defence of Paul Pogba in his presser pre Man Utd v Rostov

When Paul Pogba’s move to Manchester United was completed in the summer, Manchester United fans were sent into a tizzy. The prodigious Frenchman had left the club under acrimonious circumstances and made himself one of the best in the world. Therefore, the excitement was understandable.

Things didn’t quite work out to plan, however; at least not at first. Despite costing the club a pretty penny, his initial performances left a lot to be desired. And whilst he has found his feet of late, he is yet to have that defining performance in a big game that is the hallmark of greats. As a result, he has come in for a lot of criticism from pundits and fans alike.

Jose Mourinho, who is understandably tired of hearing this criticism, put up quite the defence for the young man during his pre-Rostov presser. Claiming that a lot of the hate for Pogba stems from jealousy, he then went on to state that both he and the club are happy with how Pogba has done so far.

Check out Mourinho defending his star man below:

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