Pic: Comparison between Blackburn fans at Fulham last night and Leeds fans last week is going viral

Fulham were painfully denied a place in the play-off zone after a late Blackburn equalizer yesterday, which is exactly what they also subjected Leeds United to during a 1-1 draw last week.

But results aside, the trips to Craven Cottage undertaken by Blackburn and Leeds are going viral for a totally different reason altogether, as there appeared to be a stark contrast in the number of visiting supporters during the two games.

Leeds have always been proud to boast of some of the best fan support on the road, and that was evident with the 7,000 supporters who travelled to west London.

Just a week later, relegation-threatened Blackburn stalled Fulham’s bid for a play-off spot last night but, unfortunately, they had just a handful fans cheering them on.

Courtesy of @DirtyLeedsFC, check out the massive difference between the presence of Leeds and Blackburn fans at Fulham below –

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  1. I thought 700 Rovers fans was a decent turnout for a midweek game in London. Leeds do have an excellent away following but you have to consider the population of Leeds and the clubs catchment area. Also Leeds are flying . Seems unfair to pick on Rovers fans

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  2. I was at the Fulham game in the so called neutral bit, i did not see one person not supporting Leeds and when we scored the whole end erupted in stark contrast to the Fulham equaliser when there was not one cheer so i would suggest your previous contributer is the one being disengenious.

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