Tweet: De Gea’s reply to Man Utd team-mate Juan Mata’s post about him cooking

Mata gets Pan-ned!

David De Gea has been known for pulling his club out of trouble several times in the past few season. Player of the Year at Manchester United for the past three seasons, he’s bailed his team mates out with superlative saves and match-winning displays. However, the Spaniard also showed that he’s just as effective in putting them down as well.

Responding to a video where Juan Mata attempted to cook up something in the kitchen, De Gea brilliantly destroyed his compatriot’s chef credentials with a hilarious one-liner.

To be fair, Mata did comment that his culinary skills needed much improvement, but that didn’t stop his keeper’s comment from going viral as supporter’s loved this piece of banter between two of United’s best players.

Mata’s skills with the keyboard will definitely be up for attention as we await a comeback from the playmaker. Maybe an all Spanish cook-off to sort out the issue? Social media would lose their colelctives minds!

Check out De Gea’s soon-to-be legendary comment below:

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