Andre Villas Boas throws back to the time he joined Tottenham in a heartwarming Instagram post

When Andre Villas Boas arrived in England back in 2011, he was seen by some as the next coming of Jose Mourinho. But by the time he finally left England, he was considered a tactical fraud by most fans.

His stints at both Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur showed a manager who had potential but never seemed to learn from his mistakes which was perhaps due to a stubborn belief in himself. And whilst fans of both clubs don’t miss the manager too much, a recent Instagram post shows which club the man himself preferred.

In a throwback shot, he posted a picture of himself posing in front of the Spurs crest and spoke about how he couldn’t say no to a club like Tottenham. It’s a touching tribute to a club that were willing to give him a chance after the debacle at Chelsea, and successful or not, the Portuguese clearly appreciated his time there.

See the Instagram post in question below:

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