Thierry Henry has reacted to the current Arsenal mess like a true legend

It’s no secret that Arsenal’s consistent poor performances this season have prompted Gooners to take matters in their own hands and call for Arsene Wenger’s resignation.

From raising angry chants and banners, to even flying a plane with a clear message during their last game, Arsenal fans have left no stone unturned in letting their disappointment towards the Frenchman known to the club’s management.

But it isn’t just the manager who deserves all the flak, as there has even been prominently visible evidence of players displaying lack of winning mentality and hard work required to grind out results.

And this is exactly what Arsenal legend Thierry Henry had to say to the club’s players. Giving out a strong message, the former Gunner directed his anger at the players rather than the manager.

Check out what Henry said about Arsenal players –

Is the Arsenal shirt too heavy for you? Stop hiding behind Arsène Wenger and be more than mediocre.

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