Asmir Begovic was in need of some popcorn when the Man Utd & Chelsea bosses clashed at Stamford Bridge

The quarter-final clash between Chelsea and Manchester United at Stamford Bridge had more drama in it than goals. Whether it be Herrera’s sending off or the number of chances both teams missed in each, it wasn’t a boring game by any stretch of the imagination, even if the score-line suggests otherwise.

Perhaps the best drama came on the sidelines. Both Antonio Conte and Jose Mourinho had a loud exchange of words on a few occasions, and apparently had to be separated by players in the tunnel after the game was over. One person who saw the funny side of it was Chelsea goalkeeper Asmir Begovic.

Chelsea’s second-choice ‘keeper recently spoke out on the touchline altercations between the two, and it was clear that he was highly amused by the whole thing, perhaps even in need of some popcorn. He did also note that he thinks neither of them actually like each other very much, something that is by now fairly obvious.

Quite hilarious, see what Begovic had to say on the matter below! Graphic via Breathe Chelsea on Twitter.

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