(Video) Tottenham’s Dele Alli carving through the German defence with a swift piece of skill last night

Dele Alli has it all – technique, passing range, vision, goals – he is England’s great hope and with good reason. English football has long been associated with long balls, crosses, burly centre-halves and penalty shootout losses. So when a player comes along with real skills, it’s a revelation.

It was such a piece of skill that caught the eye in the friendly match against Germany in Dortmund last night. Seemingly trapped between two markers, Alli executed a feint and turn that Johan Cruyff would be proud of.

Proof of how good it was would be Jonas Hector’s face as he completely loses sight of the ball and very nearly his balance before hastily attempting to make up ground. The German defender’s bewilderment perfectly sums up the Spurs’ star’s bewitching play.

Check out Alli at his best below:

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