Young Azerbaijan fans mob Arsenal star for his shirt after Germany’s 4-1 win last night (Video)

You know you’ve made it in football when you beat the opposition on their turf by a clear three goals and the home fans still want your jersey.

That’s exactly the situation faced by Germany’s Mesut Ozil after his side had beaten a valiant Azerbaijan team 4-1 in World Cup Qualifying. The home side had made it all square at a point before the quality of the World Cup Holders proved too much for them.

That didn’t stop a young fan – face painted in a full Azerbaijan flag no less – from showing his appreciation for the Arsenal star at the end of the game. As players from both teams exchanged handshakes, our pint-sized “hooligan” managed to join the gathering and plead Ozil to hand him his shirt.

We’re not sure if Ozil accepted the request, but we have a feeling the lad would have no hesitation in following him all the way down to the tunnel in hope. Football fans – you have got to love their passion.

Check out the adorable video clip below:

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