Revealed: The whopping number Man United are expecting to receive from their sleeve sponsorship

What’s in a name, you may ask? Well if you’re looking to sponsor Manchester United next season, its 15 million pounds.

The Red Devils are consistently regarded as one of the most marketable sides in world football which would naturally mean that companies are lining up to engage in endorsement deals and throw in enormous amounts in order to be associated with the club.

A good example in this regard would be DHL, who had the honour of becoming the first company to sponsor a club training kit in England in 2011.

The valuation for featuring on the sleeve of the United jersey next season is set to eclipse even that deal however, with an eye-watering £15 million being demanded, according to The Sun.

In comparison, the amount is more than the transfer fee paid for a certain-top class playmaker in Christian Eriksen by Tottenham Hotspur – and you could still probably bring in a decent player for that kind of money even in today’s inflated market.

United may be 5th at the moment in the standings, but they’re more than likely to top any money-spinners table in football with consummate ease.

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