(Video) Ex Liverpool John Arne Riise walks out of an interview in Malaysia after being referred as a Man United legend

A Jon Arne Riise interview which should prove a treat – to Manchester United fans.

Malaysian sports channel Stadium Astro invited the Liverpool Hero for an interview he probably thought would be fairly routine – except that the Malaysian outlet had set it up as an elaborate April Fools’ Prank.

The Norwegian full-back, to his credit, quite graciously fielded the initial questions which would immediately have any supporter of the Anfield club ready to riot. To put things in perspective, Riise is introduced as a ‘Manchester United Legend’ – did several people just cringe on reading that?

As the interview wore on, you’ll find the questions did get a little too harsh as Riise decided to walk off – hopefully just as someone informed him about the premise before he showed the crew the full potential of the Norse Force.

Watch Riise being trolled very hard indeed below:

8 thoughts on “(Video) Ex Liverpool John Arne Riise walks out of an interview in Malaysia after being referred as a Man United legend”

  1. HahahahahahahahahahahHhahahahahahaha…. jon got burned and he’ll always walk alone… This prank will forever be in his head, the other being his regret not being able to lift the EPL trophy…

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    1. fucker this is not the way to do a prank there are some limits… but you guys wont know, then what about the time when man Utd tried to do the mannequin challange on the plane, crashed and died? haha….funniest joke of all time

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  2. Bodoh lah interview ni…ada benda blh troll ada benda xblh…malu btul jdi fan Man Utd klu korang bt org dtg dri jauh mcm tu….hrap korang trima balasan atas perbuatan mcm ni…memalukan lah…interviewer pun mcm sial setuju nk bt bnda mcm ni…suka la?…feel powerful lah?…

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    1. My Gawd, malu masyarakat lah. If my fellow Liverpool friends from overseas find out that this is the intellectual capacity at Stadium Astor, malu masyarakat lah. As it is, out politicians are making fools out of us, now Astro. I am very tempted to cancel my subscription. . . .

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  3. Before you guys start commenting rubbish, you might just see Riise’s official twitter account on his clarifications. Thick scouser scums who thinks every year is their year.

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