(Video) Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp’s reaction sums up the horribleness of Barkley’s tackle on Lovren

The Merseyside Derby is always known to be a feisty affair, and this gameweek’s clash at Anfield was no different as both sides gave their absolute all to come out on top.

It was Liverpool who ran out 3-1 victors in a game that was pretty one sided for the most part and lacking in any malice. That is, of course, notwithstanding the horrible tackle that Ross Barkley left in on Dejan Lovren.

The tackle was so bad that Jurgen Klopp, who is known for his touchline antics, reacted in a manner that was way over the top even by his standards!

Check out his reactions below:

4 thoughts on “(Video) Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp’s reaction sums up the horribleness of Barkley’s tackle on Lovren”

  1. Not forgetting Williams walking all over Cans back which was a deliberate action, I hope the FA look at both of them and take the appropriate action, 3 match bans for both. It looks like the Bluenoses are reverting to the dirty tactics of the past, that is if they ever stopped.

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    1. The red shite were chasing the referee all over the pitch all game,they need to man up,bunch of pussy’s.Remember Suarez getting Rodwell sent off for a nothing tackle,as was proved in replays. And the ref was a soft touch booking 3 Everton players before the proverbial bonus booking of Firmino just to point out he was being “fair” to both sides. Barkley was out of order on one tackle but the one he got booked for was 50/50 with Can as they were both on the ground. What Williams did was terrible especially in light of Coleman’s injury.If you think that’s worth a 3 match ban,then what would you give Taylor when FIFA investigate that tackle, one which Carragher condoned as he says they happen all the time.So it’s ok for that type of tackle as long as it’s not against a Liverpool player. Everton were awful today so don’t take any pride in victory against a team prevented from tackling anyone in a red shirt by the referee and the LFC bench. That’s the 3rd time this season I’ve seen player power taking the ref to task, your lot,Man City and Chelsea.When it’s not going your way start bleating to the ref often enough and he’ll secumb to player pressure.So you can stick your dirty tactics up your analfield,berating the ref is worst type of unsportsman like behaviour of all and Liverpool have it in bucketloads. Shame on you shame on you.

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