Aaron Ramsey likes a comment mocking fellow Arsenal player on Instagram


This might be an interesting one to explain at their next meeting. Aaron Ramsey had plenty of Arsenal supporters bemused by the fact that he liked a comment on Instagram that pretty much takes the mickey out of colleague Jack Wilshere.

The English midfielder has had a mini-Renaissance following his move to Bournemouth. While many were sceptical about how the injury-prone Wilshere would cope with what seemed to be a step backwards, the midfielder has shown exemplary resilience with some great performances that sees the Cherries challenging to finish in the top half of the Premier League.

It’s exactly that form on Wilshere’s part that was praised through a post when someone rather unkindly commented “I’d rather he stay fit”. This was in reference to how little football the Englishman has played in recent seasons – and Ramsey liked the comment.

Now one might say that the Welshman might just have been affirming that he wishes Wilshere could steer clear of injuries more often and play, but it certainly doesn’t look too reassuring on social media. Wonder what the Arsenal-loanee would make of it all.

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  1. Wilshere is useless, why’d you think even a third-rate club like Arsenal moved him on to relegation fodder like Bournemouth? FFS anyone would think these articles were written by that crunt Piers Morgan.

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