Arsenal fans won’t believe who Paul Merson nominated to replace Arsene Wenger

Paul Merson is one of the most popular football pundits around – just perhaps not the most incisive. The former Arsenal player has gained some amount of notoriety with his colourful personality and occasionally baffling predictions and opinions which has even spawned a parody Twitter account named ‘Mad Paul Merson’.

Naturally, Merson is as concerned as anyone regarding the future of his club and has weighed in with his opinion on the matter. He is of the opinion that Arsene Wenger should be replaced and has even named a suitable candidate – current Burnley boss Sean Dyche.

To say this choice of candidate was surprising is an understatement, as Gunners’ supporters were quick to mock the Sky Sports’ pundit’s choice. Dyche has done well enough for himself by bringing Burnely up to a respectable mid-table position but one would be hard-pressed to find another manager whose style and profile would contrast so starkly with Wenger.

Merson seems rather enthusiastic about Dyche as he claims the appointment would “liven it up” at the Emirates. Not sure that’s the way Arsenal supporters would put it exactly.

Check out Merson making his case below:

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  1. Give that bellend Piers Morgan the job, he knows so much about football… allegedly.

    For all that he’d still be less of a disaster than what’s left of Wenger.

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