Revealed: The profile of the new players Man Utd will sign under Jose Mourinho

Commitment to the Cause

Jose Mourinho has never been shy of creating a siege-like mentality for the collective good for his teams. While it has been a notoriously polarizing tactic, infamously almost causing a rift in the Spanish national team during his time with Real Madrid, Mourinho always desires a team-centric approach – and his recent comments on the profile for players he wants at Manchester United is testament to that spirit.

With a series of statements that read like recruitment guidelines, the ‘Special One’ was typically sardonic about players who wish to move to clubs for factors other than football – players who want to move to London for the life there may enjoy it because “we don’t want you”.

Mourinho emphasised the desire to play at Old Trafford and a driven attitude from the initial contact as crucial factors. He also made it clear that players who would not value playing for United as their highest priority were of no interest to him in no uncertain terms.

Certainly some sharp, almost hostile words from the manager but United fans would probably see this as an attempt to build a team with the right character and focus. It will be interesting to see who responds to Mourinho’s manifesto in the coming months.

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