Arsenal legend Ian Wright takes a dig at fans who think Arsene Wenger built the club

Wright back at you

Ian Wright is quite the character. He’s never one to hold back an opinion – and when the only person to score more goals for a club than you is Thierry Henry, he’s pretty much an authority when it comes to Arsenal.

The mood surrounding the Emirates is dark indeed as almost each day brings forth a new report about fan unrest or locker-room tensions. The pro-Wenger group has been vociferous in backing their man against the overwhelming calls for change, and Wright had a message for a certain section of these fans on Twitter.

The former England striker re-tweeted a post featuring a picture of the Arsenal team that claimed the League title in 1991 having lost only 1 match and conceded just 18 goals all season – they may not have been ‘Invincible’ but they were certainly near Unbeatable.

The caption that went along with the post was dripping in sarcasm and complete with emojis – clearly aimed at those who feel that Arsene Wenger is solely responsible for Arsenal Football Club establishing itself.

Wright has plenty of respect of Wenger, but as questions about the Frenchman’s future persist the former All-Time Top Scorer for the Gunners was keen to remind everyone that they have a rich history.

Check out the post below:

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