Ivan Rakitic made a complete fool of himself with an insult directed at an Utd loanee Andreas Pereira

Barcelona’s 4-1 win over La Liga strugglers Granada ensured they turned up the pressure on Real Madrid at the top of the table. Despite the absence of Lionel Messi, the Catalan side did more than enough to comfortably see off a side that seem destined to get relegated come the end of this season.

Barca players are always known for having a chip on their shoulders that can border on arrogant. As it turns out, Ivan Rakitic clearly crossed that line when he actually bothered to go up to a Granada player and give him an earful about getting relegated, all whilst throwing in a swear word for good measure.

The only problem with the insult was that it was aimed at Andreas Pereira, a young attacking midfielder who is only on loan to the club from Manchester United. Thus whilst the words might have been true, they weren’t applicable to Pereira, meaning the Croatian midfielder made a fool of himself.

Check out what he had to say below:

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