Look away Arsenal fans as extremely reliable source confirms that Chelsea has started talks with Alexis Sanchez

What would you do if your club’s reputation as a regular in the top flight is going up in shambles and your best player might leave to join your rivals? You stop reading any further.

After falling down to reach the sixth position on the table and with hopes of Champions League football dwindling, Arsenal’s biggest worry now is to find a way to keep star striker Alexis Sanchez at the club.

And now in a turn of events that is certainly going to escalate tensions further, French journalist Mohamed Bouhafsi, who is as reliable as they come in transfer business, has confirmed that both PSG & Chelsea have started the negotiations with Alexis Sanchez’s entourage.

The Chilean’s contract with Arsenal with is set to run out 15 months from now and there have been no concrete attempts from both parties to extend it further.

To further add to the worries of Gooners, speculations of Sanchez leaving the club ran wild when he recently claimed he would want to play with “a winning team in London” (read, Chelsea).

The report on RMC Sport further adds that Arsenal will want at least €50m and would like to avoid selling to an English club.


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