Ronald Koeman caught an camera instructing an Everton player to ‘fall down’ during Liverpool clash (Video)

Double Standards?

The Merseyside Derby proved to be as charged an affair as was anticipated. While we shockingly did not see a red card as Liverpool trounced Everton 3-1, there were plenty of malicious tackles that went unpunished or received no more than a yellow (Ross Barkley, here’s looking at you).

The drama was not confined to the pitch however as Ronald Koeman launched into an astonishing rant decrying Jurgen Klopp’s behaviour and his attempts to influence the officials with his remonstrations over certain challenges. The Dutchman simply stated that tackles were part of the game and sharply dismissed his counterpart with “It’s a man’s game”.

Well it seems that Koeman is not above a bit of ‘gamesmanship’ himself. A clip of the Toffees’ manager seemingly telling Dominic Calvert Lewin to “fall down” following a challenge from Nathaniel Clyne has emerged. When the foul was given, a shout of “Yes!” can be heard coming from the away bench – quite a fall from that moral high-horse there for the ex-Barcelona star.

I wonder if Jurgen Klopp knows the German translation for “Pot calling the Kettle Black”…

Check out the incriminating evidence in the video below:

3 thoughts on “Ronald Koeman caught an camera instructing an Everton player to ‘fall down’ during Liverpool clash (Video)”

  1. koemans only moaning cos they were well beaten,ross barkley is not as good as he thinks he is,thats why he trys to break legs cos he aint got the true talent,cant wait for lukaku to go then efc can go back their level.

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  2. Everton hahahahaha

    As a red, I know that god created Liverpool. Then created Everton to give Liverpool fans something to buzz off. They are there solely for our amusement.

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