“I’m a lion. My team are pussycats’- Would Man Utd fans agree with the sentiments shared in The Sun after the 1-1 draw v Everton

When you’re as charismatic and successful a player as Zlatan Ibrahimovic, you’re likely to expect a lot from your team mates.

The Swede has at times this season dragged his Manchester United team across the line on several occasions – but even he seems to be feeling the frustration that emanates around Old Trafford these days with some interesting remarks following the 1-1 draw against Everton at Old Trafford.

Speaking with BT Sport, Zlatan referred to himself as a “lion” who feels the pressure to win games for his team – which doesn’t reflect too well on the rest of his team.

When questioned about whether there were enough lions in the team, the ex-PSG striker responded with “The table does not lie. The team is where it is because it is what it is” – not the most contented of appraisals there.

The Sun chose to use their ‘journalistic license’ in their coverage of Zlatan’s remarks – and while that may be a bit too sensational, United fans will be hoping that the thoughts of their maverick forward can inspire some greater performances from the Red Devils.

Check out The Sun’s back page below:

2 Replies to ““I’m a lion. My team are pussycats’- Would Man Utd fans agree with the sentiments shared in The Sun after the 1-1 draw v Everton”

  1. Zlatan..look in the mirror and you will see crap all over. You are NOTHING special.

    This year, Man Utd is in the sixth position because of YOU.

    If you have some spare time after giving a glowing smile at your balls in the mirror, please go watch the 11 games man utd have drawn and you will see that in at least 6 of the games YOU had missed golden chances to take the lead.

    If we had won those 6 games we will be 12 points ahead by now you IDIOT.

    The chances you missed, include one in the game against Everton. I only wish Marcus Rashford had been given a longer run than you had and I am sure we wont be in this pathetic position. Oh, One more thing, please bring your best friend Paul Pogba as you are leaving.

    Man Utd does not need prima donnas like you. Your “Greatness” is not measured by looking at the mirror and bawling “I am great”. You were a good player, I accept but please move on and stop living on past glories.

    If Lukaku was in your position he would have scored more.

    Adios Amigo

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