Pic: Celtic fan spotted holding a ‘Rangers Died’ placard at WWE RAW last night

Celtic fans’ elation following the club’s sixth consecutive Scottish Premiership title has known no bounds, but surely nobody would have expected to see a prime example of it happening this way!

Several fans wearing the Hoops jersey were spotted at WWE’s Wrestlemenia in Florida, USA, but one stole the limelight with his eyeball-grabbing placard.

The Celtic fan was caught on camera taking a dig at Old Firm rivals Rangers’ financial conditions by flashing a sign that read “RANGERS DIED: 1872-2012”

Although rivalry between the two clubs is famous all over, this Celtic fan took savagery to the next level with a simple sign.

Check out the picture below –

4 thoughts on “Pic: Celtic fan spotted holding a ‘Rangers Died’ placard at WWE RAW last night”

  1. Do you know the guy personally? Nothing in that picture remotely suggests an affiliation to any football club, it might even be a Rangers fan who understands what actually happened to his club back in 2012.

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  2. Another Undeluded Bhoy Who Actually Speaks Truths.Everyone Except Rangers Know They Died in 2012.Rangers 1872 went into Administration And not long After,Liquidation Ensued.Then after all the Facts Etc were Emblazoned All over every paper in the Country.Came the Denials,Grieving has a funny way of working at times.Rangers 1872 cease to exist.Now there is a Tribute Act who are trying to lay claim to the history of a dead Club.Charles Greene bought what was left of a dead as a dodo Entity and changed his Consortium from Sevco Scotland 5088 To The RainJurZZzzzz.A liquidated Club is a Dead Club.BUT any Zombie Will tell you.Oor Clubzz no deed so itsno.But Facts Are Facts.HH GIRUY!!!!!HereWeGo10InARow.Claiming GoinFor55.LoLoLoL.At 51 points at the moment,So only 4 to go.

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  3. Rangers 1872 Arent The Rangers 2012.RainJurz 1872 Are Liquidated.Gone Tatti Bye Bye.Away to the Big Liquidation Scrapheap in the Sky.But However they live on In Memory(Only).But Any Zombe Is putting Delusion and Reality in ne Basket.And claiming.We Urni Deed.Its hilarious reading there utter BS stating We arent dead we didnt Die.Liquidation Equals Death.FACTO MUNDO!!!They dont do Walking Away.They Do Brassing There Neck.Shameless Entity.

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