Pics: Alberto Moreno’s bad parking skills had fellow Liverpool team-mate Daniel Sturridge in a bit of a bother today

Training is a time for players to work hard in preparation for the next game, or even to work on parts of their game that might need further conditioning. It is an important part of any player’s life. However, it most definitely is not a time to inadvertently cause your team-mates some form of discomfort.

Now sometimes, things get heated up in training and mishaps happen. Football is a contact sport and injury is a part of the game. Perhaps no one knows this better than Daniel Sturridge, whose promising career has been derailed by injury. And a recent training session saw him face a different hurdle altogether.

Arriving in training, there is photographic evidence of the English striker struggling to get out of his car.

The reason for this was Alberto Moreno’s poor parking skills; the Spaniard had parked his car outside the markers. Apparently his positioning needs work even off the field.

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