Twitter gold as Tottenham fan imagines a ridiculous end to the season with Vincent Janssen at the center of it all

Wishful thinking can go a long way sometimes, and if there’s even a remote chance of a Spurs fan’s imagination coming true, we are in for a royal treat in the upcoming weeks.

Tottenham supporter @Dierbetes took to Twitter to come up with his version of how things will pan out to help his club win the league this season, and it’s absolutely hilarious.

The hero of the entire story is (surprise, surprise!) Vincent Janssen, who has scored and assisted just once this season since his arrival at Tottenham for £18.5 million last summer.

It has been predicted that the 22 year-old striker will cement his name in history by scoring his title-winning goal for Tottenham, before bursting in wild celebrations with manager Mauricio Pochettino along the side lines.

With the gap between Tottenham and leaders Chelsea reduced to just 7 points now, it would surely be an amazing moment if this prophecy comes true.

Check out the entire Twitter thread below –

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