(Video) “He’s magic you know, Mauricio Pochettino!” – Travelling Tottenham fans at full time post Swansea win

88: Swansea 1-0 Spurs
89: Swansea 1-1 Spurs
92: Swansea 1-2 Spurs
93: Swansea 1-3 Spurs

WHAT A COMEBACK! Spurs struck 3 goals in 5 minutes and pulled off an unbelievable 1-3 win over Swansea City at Liberty Stadium.

Absolutely elite mentality on display as Spurs of old would have probably folded like a deck of cards but Pochettino’s men capitalised on Swansea’s tired legs to achieve an amazing comeback

No doubt the credit for the winning mentality has to be given to the man at the helm and the traveling supporters did exactly that with a wonderful song post match.

Check out the chanting below!

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