“Demeble is the GOAT & Kyle Walker>Dani Alves” – Jan Vetonghen’s Instagram session after Tottneham 3-1 Swansea was lit

Social media has become an important part of the life of any sportsperson. It offers a unique way for athletes to stay in touch with their fanbase and show off a personality that is not normally visible on the field. As technology permeates our lives further, this is a phenomenon that is set to only grow.

Tottenham defender Jan Vertonghen decided to host a live Instagram video on the social media app after the sensational 3-1 win over Swansea City yesterday.

The live option is a recent addition to the site as a part of the revamp that also allowed users to post their stories. However, this particular live session was certainly no ordinary one.

Aside from the usual large number of fan comments, it also featured Vertonghen himself having a laugh at the expense of his teammates.

Aside from calling Moussa Dembele the Greatest Of All Time (GOAT), he then went on to state that teammate Kyle Walker will turn out to be a greater right-back than Barcelona legend Dani Alves!

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