Jaw dropping first touch from Cesc Fabregas during Chelsea v City is almost too good to believe (Video)


Cesc Fabregas is the kind of player whose mention causes fans and managers to sigh. Firmly placed kid at the heart of Arsenal’s engine room before he even got out of his teens in the early 2000s, the Spaniard has always been a quality player; of such quality that you always feel he is capable of producing even greater football than he has so far.

Moments such as this one from Chelsea’s 2-1 victory over Manchester City are testament to that notion.

With a long, raking diagonal from defence played towards the box, Fabregas seemed to be sandwiched between two markers before he pulled off an audacious first touch.

Apart from the fact that he brought it down light as a feather, he even managed in one fluid motion to make it a perfect cushioned pass to team mate Pedro.

The City defenders having to do a double check and looking bewildered is the best recommendation for how good a move that was. Fabregas may not see as much time on the pitch as he’d like, but he would surely have caught his manager’s eye and given him something to think about.

Check out the ridiculous clip below:

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