Steven Gerrard: My pick for the top 4 out of City, Liverpool, Arsenal & Man Utd

Absolute mayhem can be the best way to describe how the table has panned out for the top flight clubs following results over the last couple of weeks.

Although Chelsea still remain undisputed leaders of the Premier League, their gap with second-placed Tottenham has been reduced to just 7 points now.

Arsenal’s 3-1 win over West Ham following last week’s 2-2 draw with Manchester City helped the Gunners secure the fifth position, while City, on the other hand, suffered a 2-1 loss at the hands of league leaders Chelsea, but still managed to retain the last Champions League spot.

Liverpool’s 2-2 tie with Bournemouth kept them on the third spot, and arch rivals Manchester United slipped back to the sixth position.

While predictions of how the table will look like at the end of the season will require one to stake his credibility on the line, Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard bravely stuck his neck out on BT sport recently.

Check out Gerrard’s prediction below –

I think Manchester City will get in there and Liverpool will be the other team.

I think Manchester United and Arsenal will miss out – that’s my prediction.

1 thought on “Steven Gerrard: My pick for the top 4 out of City, Liverpool, Arsenal & Man Utd”

  1. Gerrard is hardly going to pick Liverpool to fail, but the top four will be;

    1. Chelsea
    2. Tottenham
    3. Man City
    4. Arsenal

    The loss of Sadio Mane is going to haunt Liverpool. Sturridge has hardly been given a chance and Firmino, while a quality player, is not a striker. Coutinho is back and looks good, but he’s a secondary scorer. The loss of Mane’s goals will drag Liverpool down.

    Of the teams left Arsenal have the most difficult final weeks, so on paper Liverpool are the better choice. The problem is, Liverpool struggle against weaker teams while they tend to play well against the better sides. Arsenal are potentially only one point back based on the two games Arsenal have in hand, so the three teams; Liverpool, Arsenal, and Man City; are neck and neck. Arsenal are the pundits choice to miss out (how much do all the so-called experts hate Arsene Wenger? And why?), but they seem to pull it out every year. This might be the year that Arsenal do not make it, but I’d never make that bet. Man City and Liverpool have both shown the same kind of fragility as Arsenal with a lot less pressure on them.

    Tottenham have a tough run-in as well, but they have a little cushion, so it looks like no St. Totteringham’s day this year.

    Man U look to sneak in the back door to the Champions League by winning the Europa league. Who knows, if Man U keep dropping points, maybe Everton will push them down to 7th? It would be fun to listen to Man U fans do the mental and linguistic gymnastics to ‘prove’ that Mournho is doing better than van Gaal and Moyes if he comes 6th or 7th because he won the Europa league. Man U will spend another £150-200 million this summer and Mourinho instead of the Man U financial department will getthe credit.

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