(Video) Conte & Guardiola shared the most friendly altercation on the sidelines during Chelsea v City last night

A game between two teams vying for the title will always be a somewhat heated affair. At times, this will inevitably lead to a few tempers flaring, especially on the touchline.

And indeed, this was the case during the bout between Manchester City and Chelsea which saw the Blues run out victorious.

The game was a hotly contested affair and the first half of the game saw all the goal-mouth action. However, it was the second half that finally saw both managers square up against one another on the touchline as Pep was arguing with the fourth official over a contentious foul call made by the referee.

Amazingly, the two managers then decided to have what has to be the friendliest touchline altercation in the history of the Premier League.

Arguing for two seconds before shaking hands and moving on, it speaks to the levels of respect the two managers have for one another to not take things further.

Even the 4th official was seen having a laugh as separated the duo, see theĀ incident here:

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