Ex player cites bitter rivals Liverpool as examples on how Man Utd should go about their business

Ever since the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United has never been the United of old. Gone are the days when United would score for fun, oftentimes outscoring opponents rather than shutting them out.

The four managers that have been in place ever since Sir Alex’s retirement has had the convoluted problem of getting goals out of the team. Even the appointment of a proven top class manager in Jose Mourinho have failed to address United’s greatest problem since Ferguson’s retirement.

With the team at catch-22 over their goal scoring problems (and the apparent over-reliance of Ibrahimovic) club legend Ryan Giggs who was himself a short-time manager had some friendly advice for his former side.

The legendary Welsh winger recently shared his opinions regarding United’s lack of goals pointing to an over-reliance in Ibrahimovic and highlighting the need to spread out the goals in the team akin to league top scorers and fierce rivals Liverpool.

While acknowledging the luck factor with Pogba, Giggs stressed on the need for a contribution from all areas of the pitch citing to the days of the class of 92 (where the likes of Scholes, Beckham and Giggs himself all chipped in goals for the team).

Quotes via Daily Mail below:

You only have to look at Liverpool.

I questioned them — they’ve not got a centre forward who can score 20 goals. But they just come from everywhere and they are the leading goalscorers (in the Premier League).

That’s what United need to get back.

My target was always to get double figures and then 15 assists. That’s 25 goals. If Becks is doing the same, you’ve got a lot there.

3 thoughts on “Ex player cites bitter rivals Liverpool as examples on how Man Utd should go about their business”

  1. It is up to how man utd train. In the other hand, it is not how many goals a team scored. It is about how many matces a team won. For instance, if man utd can win all its league matches by 1-0 goal. They will sure win the league.

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  2. Giggs is a bitter, unfulfilled bellend who is desperate for the chance to manage a premiership club. Thank fuck the chairmen of all the top clubs seem to have realised he is a thick, inarticulate twat, with no talent for management or coaching whatsoever.

    The days of premiership clubs getting handed to useless ex-Rags seems to be over, thank fuck.

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