Spotted during Liverpool 2-1 Stoke – Roberto Firmino has got his own surname tattooed on his collarbone

My name is…

Tattoos on a footballer- seems to come with the territory. Players love to decorate their own skin with amazing designs or symbols and words which have significance to them. Whether it’s David Beckham’s iconic ‘Victoria’ in Sanskrit or Radja Nainggolan’s prominent rose on the throat, you can be sure the stars have a tattoo artist as a close friend.

Roberto Firmino is not one to shy away from such traditions. The Liverpool forward has inked himself quite a few times and the results are pretty impressive – though one not often viewed design has left some of his fans perplexed.

The Brazilian celebrated his goal against Stoke in the 2-1 victory yesterday by removing his shirt and revealing a tattoo near his left shoulder – of his own name.

Social media were quick to comment on the bizarre choice of tattoo with some hilarious explanations for the choice. Maybe he just loves the movie Memento a lot.

Check out Firmino’s handy reminder of self below:

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