Manuel Lanzini turned a Swansea player inside out with a sensational Zidane Roulette during West Ham win (Video)

Sometimes it’s the little things that you remember most. West Ham’s Jonathan Calleri was guilty of not finding the target against Swansea City while in plenty of space, but don’t let that take anything away from Manuel Lanzini’s brilliance in creating the chance.

Lanzini seemed to come up against a brick wall in Federico Fernandez as he tried to bring the ball under control near the by-line. However, where there’s a will, there’s a way – and Lanzini had a spectacular way as he did a near spot-on impression of a Zidane Roulette and spun away from his lumbering compatriot, who was left looking a bit dazed and a lot more ridiculous.

Lanzini was not done yet as he produced a sweet ball to find Calleri in the box but the forward could not find the finish to match his team-mate’s sparkling footwork. The Hammers did eventually win 1-0, so that saved the striker some embarrassment.

In other news, Federico Fernandez is apparently still on the pitch at the London Stadium attempting to work out how exactly Manuel Lanzini evaporated right in front of him mid-match. See if you can help him by viewing the evidence below:

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